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DIS AYES- Catalog

DİS AYES-Catalog

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What We Do

Dis Ayes provides high quality engineering solutions in collaboration with highly specialized R&D engineers. We focus on business partnerships specific to the defense sector. Dis Ayes provides inventory and ammunition support to different countries. You can browse our page for our products and more.

High Performance Ammunition

We provide the highest performance products for ammunition of different calibers. These products, which have been developed and R&D studies have been carried out, are unique in their field and have been developed to meet the needs. These products with different caliber options and high performance are supplied to countries and units with various official permits. You can browse our page for our products and more.

Unmanned Systems

With its reinforced hardware and software, JW Fishers is one of the rarest unmanned vehicles in its field. With its multifunctional system, it has R&D studies directly addressing the needs. It has enhanced hardware features such as Scanning Sonar, RMD-1 Metal detector, CMS-1,2 Cable Management System, DVR digital video recorder (internal/external). You can review the product for more detailed information.

Thermal Camera

With our high-tech products, we offer thermal camera options for different sectors and their needs. These systems, which are developed specifically for the relevant area, are optimized separately for military and other sectors. You can examine our products to find out what the technical specifications and enhanced options are.

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